United Kingdom Wrestling Revolution
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Welcome to United Kingdom Revolution

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Welcome to United Kingdom Revolution Empty Welcome to United Kingdom Revolution

Post  BrooklynBasher on Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:34 am

Welcome everyone to the new federation United Kingdom Revolution (UKR.) My name is Joseph Jermy, my character in game is called Brooklyn Basher and I am the General Manager of this federation. UKR will be based in the United Kingdom but will go on tour each season, everyone will have the chance to pick a venue for our shows each week.

Starting in Season 1 and every other Season after that I will write a Royal Rumble that will feature 30 people from this federation. If you want to be considered for a Royal Rumble place you will need to be active, if you are active then you will be included in the Royal Rumble. However you will not know if they are in it until the Pay-Per-View show airs.

I like to Role Play so I hope you do too so I hope you enjoy your time in this federation, if you are active and Role Play you will go far in this federation. Simple as that.

Please read the Important Information Area next, thank you.
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